Looselines registered members have access to casino games, sports betting, and sports betting together with instant and direct access to the racebook. The racebook offers players live betting on top horse racing in the USA and worldwide. There are some exceptional features of the racebook at Looselines, including no rollovers and 7% horse rebate. A no minimum daily volume allows players to place bets according to their budget and ability, and full odds are paid out up to $50000. A full list of track information and listings is found online, and members can send emails to the customer support team that offers instant replies in real-time. During the COVID 19 pandemic, members are offered an extra service that informs them when special races and delayed races will take place and invites members to join these races. Horse betting is far from a dying sport, and the Looselines Racebook proves how well it can be managed with instant results and tracking of every race in real-time.